Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Swimsuit Season

It's swimsuit season and I really need a new one.  I've managed not to buy one the last couple of summers but I don't think I can hold off another year.  This year it will be extra challenging because I doubt I'll be able to find anything the right size or reasonably priced here in Japan.  Not to mention trying on swimsuits at the store with kids is pretty impossible. So I once again turned to online shopping.  The site Zalful has tons of options!  Here are a couple I'm thinking about.

The Shaping Crisscross in light blue.
 The Striped One Shoulder

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Mother's Day

Just me and my five favorite little humans!  They are really amazing people and I love that I get to be their mom.  

I really wanted to get a picture of us all together before church for mother's day and I knew this was coming so I spent a good amount of time this week making matching dresses for the girls.  I also kind of made a huge mess in the house during my mad rush to make these giant bows before church.  I felt a little deflated when we lined up outside, late and in a rush, and it was so windy we had a hard time getting a decent shot.  These guys and Bob are so patient with me and I appreciate it.  I know that us looking all matching and perfect on mother's day is not reality and it isn't important.  Sometimes I just need a little reminder of that.  I think part of my desire to take a great picture with the kids stems from the fact that I love my family and I want to show the world how much I love them and how happy we are!  I want to advocate for motherhood, and big families, and the importance of staying home to raise children.

“Motherhood is not a hobby, it’s a calling. It’s not something to do if you can squeeze the time in, it’s what God gave you time FOR.” 
-Neil H. Anderson

I love my mom and am sad that I won't get to spend Mother's day with her this year or probably the next couple years.  I guess a phone call will have to suffice.
Happy Mother's Day to all the women out there. "Motherhood is more than just bearing children... it is the essence of who we are as women."

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Neighborhood Path

Now that the weather is nice I am trying to get outside more and more often.  Bob needed eggs so Penelope and I hopped on our bikes and rode to the grocery store.
I love our neighborhood because it has the cutest path that goes through the middle of it.  In the center of the neighborhood is also a grocery store and few restaurants.  So we got to ride from our house the half mile to the store.  It is a flat and the pretty easy ride.
I didn't realize until we got there that the flowers along the path were in bloom!  It was so pretty.
Like my bike?  It was free.  I have a much more expensive barely used mountain bike but this free rusted bike seems better suited for my purposes these days.
We even saw a little lizard in our driveway.  The kids were excited because we don't have these running around in Washington.  I haven't seen very many here either, but once in a while we will see one.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Smash Cake

We had a little birthday party for Calista after Bob got home from work yesterday.  All the kids were envious that Calista got her very own cake.

I love how the cake turned out!  I waited a couple days to get the right tip to frost it.  I've done these roses before but with the wrong tip and doing it right was soooo much easier. 
Calista was pretty happy that we sat her down in front of the cake.  She did a lot of poking her finger in it and then licking her finger.
At one point it fell over.   We tried to put it back up but at that point she was done with it.  She never really got handfuls of the cake part.  She didn't take big bites or make a mess.  She was done though, she just scooted away uninterested.  I even left the cake out on the plate for a couple hours until bedtime and she never went back for it.  Right before bed I fed her some more bites with a spoon and she ate them, but she wasn't extra excited about it or anything.
We also lined up some items to see which she would go for.  We have done this with all the kids and like to predict what their future occupation will be.  Calista was kind of funny with this.
She grabbed the scissors first, and then the pen right after that.  So maybe the scissors could be a hair dresser or online they said fashion designer for scissors.  The pen could be a writer.  Calista, quickly moved through the items picking up each thing before dropping it and grabbing the next.  Maybe that will be an indicator of her career path.
Lastly we gave her some presents.  Tucker and Leon both picked out one of their toys to give her.  It was sweet because they did this all on their own.  We also gave her a couple things from the 100 yen store.  I honestly give her things all the time but I didn't have any specific birthday presents planned for her.

She is waving bye to you!

Monday, April 30, 2018

One Year Photography

My baby turned one!  How did this year happen so quickly?  

Calista likes standing, she can now pull herself up and does it all the time.  She also loves to give kisses.  Big wet open mouth kisses.  It is adorable.  She drinks water from a sippy cup with a straw and thinks it is the best.  Any food we eat, she usually wants and crackers she really loves.  She also likes her family, and it's a good thing too, because she demands a lot of attention and has a lot of people to give it to her.  I also wrote that she likes my wallet.  It has got to be her favorite "toy."  Anytime she catches a glimpse of it she reaches and cries until she gets it!  She loves to pull all my money and cards out of it and throw everything around.  It is an issue every time I go to pay for something or try to get my base ID out.  I wrote that she dislikes pooping because she struggles with it and only goes about once a week.
I just love her so much at this age!  She is all smiles and waves, with a little bit of snuggling and clapping thrown in there.  The most mundane things are very interesting to her and it is so cute to watch her just stare intently at things.
She is pretty good at scooting now, and is wearing out the bum on all her pants.  I don't mind though, I hope she never learns to walk.
We've been stretching her wake up time so now she sleeps from about 8 at night to 6:30 in the morning.  It is awesome! 

Happy Birthday Calista!  We love you!

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Calita's One!

Today is Calista's birthday!  We were lucky to get a doctors appointment.  We can only make same day appointments so it was lucky that when I called this morning they had an opening.  She weighs 18 pounds and I think that was about the 14th% percentile, they also said she is pretty proportional.  And is right on track for her other weights.

We spent the day doing that and taking the other kids to their homeschool activities.  I actually had a birthday cake all planned out to make for her but amazon is a little slow shipping my decorating tools to Japan, so she is going to have to wait until next week for the party.  Good thing she has no idea it is her birthday.  I'm totally fine putting it off.  I think I really want to push it back another year and keep her at this age for a while.

This year has really flown by for me.  It's fun to look back at how little she was.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Boardwalk Jog

I really thought I would miss jogging on my quiet tree lined back street back in Washington, but so far I really love the new place I have to jog that I haven't thought about it that much.  We have an amazing boardwalk right across the road from where we live.  If you look at the left of the picture below you can see some houses, you can't actually see my house but I live right over there.  The girls even have a view of the water right outside their bedroom window.  It is pretty great!  The boardwalk is a little over a mile and pretty flat.  I live near the start of it so I just go down a little past it and back to hit my usual three mile jog. 
Between the palm trees and the water it kind of reminds me of when we stayed in San Diego.  
 I got a little explorative the other day and went all the way down to the water.  It was not my fastest jog, but I found some cool shells.  As you can see behind me we don't really live right across the street from the beach, where the kids can play in the sand, it is more of just rocks and water then the boardwalk.  I do love it though.  Sometimes I can even see Mt. Fuji!
One more thing I love about running on the boardwalk is that it is so safe!  My biggest danger running on the side of the road before was probably cars, I didn't have a sidewalk for most of where I would jog and luckily I've never had any issues.  I love that now I have plenty of space, I don't have to look out for cars or worry about stops and stop lights.  I also feel pretty safe from scary people.  I am so much more visible on the boardwalk that I'm not worried about a bad guy jumping out from behind a tree or anything like it.